Wedding Planning School



Many people dream of being a wedding planner. Where does one start? The fastest way is to go to a wedding planning school. A wedding planning school helps with building connections and teaching the essentials of the field. Even if one gets a first job in the industry without school, many mistakes will be made the hard way and thus destroy one’s reputation even before it starts. There is a better way and that is to get the knowledge taught to you via real life examples from industry professionals.


In choosing a wedding planning school, also consider its location. Certain cities are known to have vibrant wedding planning industries, such as Las Vegas. It is in those cities that you want to learn as you want to learn from performance above the norm. Trends begin in those cities. Even if you take an online course, the location of the school is important. After all, that is where the instructors are drawn from.

Wedding planning is a skill that needs to be learned. This is where going to an accredited wedding planning school can fast track your career. An accredited wedding planning school will teach you the specifics of coordination, culture and business practices. It will provide you with industry connections to get started in the business. Further, accredited wedding planning school such as The International School of Hospitality is staffed by industry professionals who will teach current and practical knowledge.

Graduates from an accredited wedding planning school have the reputation that graduates can count on. A respected credential with hundreds of successful alums behind them. In selecting schools, be sure that you are selecting a school and not just any company masquerading as one. Looking at accreditation and licensing will help. These credentials ensure that schools are of quality.
In selecting a wedding planning school, also look at whether a certification is offered. If a certification is offered, run! No certification of any value can be offered directly by a school. Certifications are by definition peer recognized credentials offered by industry associations.


Consider whether a wedding planning school helps with externships. Externships or internships in wedding planning is important to help build the resume and networking for connections. This industry is all about whom you know and the wedding planning school you choose should have the means to help you with that. Whether one chooses to specialize in destination weddings, cultural weddings, traditional or nontraditional weddings, choosing a wedding planning school is a way to fast track a career.