Wedding Coordinator Certificate



Wedding planning is all about making dreams come true. Many dream of being a wedding planner for various reasons. It is an opportunity to be highly creative, to enjoy the unparalleled instant gratification of making someone’s day and much more.


The ultimate reason though, is to be happy at one’s chosen career. Wedding planners work as independent business owners, at a country club, hotel or banquet venue, or in any company that services the wedding industry. Generally, wedding planners would create their services, do a lot of networking with vendors (such as DJ’s, florists, caterers, etc.), become a confidante with their couples, create timelines, production schedules, and handle the myriad of associated details. They are the conductor of the entire event, the one person that everyone turns to and the one leader that makes everything happen. A wedding coordinator knows all the tricks of the trade and has the connections and training to make magic happen.




This course will provide a comprehensive education in wedding coordination and design. Begin with a comprehensive overview of the weddings industry, and in true TISOH fashion, provide students with an insider’s look at this multifaceted career.


Students will dive into hands-on portfolio-learning, allowing them to apply what they learn into practice each day by designing and coordinating a complete wedding from start-to-finish. Graduates will gain a solid set of foundation skills that will provide confidence in addition to a recognized credential.


This course is suitable for both career newcomers and transitioners. Wedding professionals seeking to build on or fill gaps in their knowledge base may also want to apply. Relocating to Las Vegas? This course can also help you build a network of valuable contacts in addition to training and education. Returning to your home city?
Take those essential networking skills with you and keep in touch with the contacts you make nationwide.


No prior experience or education in this field is required. Students must have a High School Diploma, GED or higher education degree. Basic computer proficiency is assumed although one-on-one tech support is freely available to all students.




The Wedding Coordination & Design (WCD) certificate program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview and operational knowledge of the vibrant wedding industry. This program provides participants with a foundation of knowledge in wedding planningand the confidence to succeed in the industry. It is recognized as one of the most hands-on wedding coordination and design training programs anywhere in the nation. Each detailed TISOH curriculum is custom developed with much care and expertise. We use textbooks to supplement and guide the proprietary learning material presented in each lecture presentation.


Graduates will be able to plan, design & execute all types ofweddings from destination to cultural, traditional to non-traditional. Learn how to put together a consultation, complete winning proposals, create a budget, production schedule, timeline, design and decor, work with vendors, pre & post production, and more.  Upon completion of the program, Graduates will receive a Wedding Coordinator Certificate.




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