Hospitality Marketing and Sales certificate

Hospitality Marketing and Sales Certificate

Marketing and sales are critical functional areas in all areas of hospitality and in constant demand. Be it hotel operations, food & beverage, catering, conferences, events and more, marketing and sales play a role. There are specific techniques and skills to marketing and sales in hospitality. This course covers them in detail.


This Certificate program is designed to provide knowledge in hospitality marketing and sales. The functional areas of coverage are broad, with discussion on price, product, promotion and price across rooms division, food & beverage, and conferences, events and more. With an emphasis on applicable skills, the course presents essential knowledge on distribution, revenue management, relationship management, market segmentation and trends.


Students will be able to distinguish marketing from sales, identify trends that affect marketing and sales in the hospitality industry. They should also be able to describe the key steps of a marketing plan, summarize the duties and responsibilities of positions typically found in a hotel marketing and sales office. For sales, students should be able to describe the five steps of a presentation sales call, explain the basics of effective telephone communication, describe various types of outgoing and incoming telephone calls related to the marketing and sales function and the internal marketing and sales. With marketing, students should be able to explain the role of advertising, public relations, and publicity in reaching prospective guests. In marketing segmentation, students will understand the needs of business vs. leisure travelers, be able to accommodate the needs of travel agents and meeting planners, international travelers, and specialty segments. Lastly, student should be able to summarize the trends affecting the food and beverage industry, describe positioning strategies and techniques for restaurants and lounges and understand how hotels market and sell catered events and meeting rooms.



Those interested in a career in hospitality marketing and sales across any segment from rooms division, food & beverage, and conferences, events and more. Or for those in any of these functional areas desiring to learn how to market and increase sales.


The Certificate offers a curriculum taught at a beginner/intermediate level that is suitable for those new to the industry as well those within the industry desiring knowledge and/or a credential of learning in the field. Course can be completed in the classroom or online within a period of 12 weeks. If taken online, students have up to six months to complete the course.


  • Introduction and the Marketing Plan
  • Managing the Marketing & Sales Office
  • Personal Sales
  • Telephone and Internal Marketing & Sales
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Publicity
  • Marketing to Business Travelers

  • Marketing to Leisure Travelers
  • Marketing to Travel Agents
  • Marketing to Meeting Planners
  • Marketing to Special Segments
  • Marketing Restaurants and Lounges
  • Marketing Catered Events and Meeting Rooms



The development, management and instructional team for this program consist of prominent individuals in the industry. They are dedicated to creating one of the most hands-on and personalized training program of its kind in the nation. TISOH’s program constantly evolves to include the most current and industry-relevant learning in the field. All instructors have master’s degrees, CMP, CSEP, CPCE, CEM or similar designations.



High school diploma or GED
No work experience necessary


Three-month (12-week) semester
Meets Tuesdays from 6-9:45pm

45 hours, 4.5 quarter credits, 4.5 CEU
Tuition: $1,650



Enroll now Jan 23 to Apr 19, 2018
Enroll now May 22 to Aug 14, 2018
Enroll now Sept 18 to Dec 11, 2018

Up to six months time to complete, study at your own pace with dedicated instructors. The curriculum is divided into easily navigable modules, each containing lectures, quizzes, assignments and supplemental reading materials in addition to textbook learning.

There are no specific start dates for online programs. Students receive one-on-one guidance from instructors and each student can specify their own start date on the application form.

45 hours, 4.5 quarter credits, 4.5 CEU
Tuition: $1,650



Enroll now Jan 23 to Apr 19, 2018
Enroll now May 22 to Aug 14, 2018
Enroll now Sept 18 to Dec 11, 2018