Exhibition & Tradeshow Management Certificate


The Exhibition & Tradeshow Management certificate program is a practical, hands-on primer for producing and managing experiential events that bring buyers and sellers together. Students will learn to engage the senses of the audience, facilitate product and service promotion, help business educate the public, and layout the complex mini-cities that are modern tradeshows.


Key Program Topics


Topics covered include: history of tradeshows and exhibitions, marketing, budget, risk management, site selection, project management, floorplan development, programming, official service contractors, staffing, and evaluations.


Why should I take Exhibition & Tradeshow Management?

ETM brings together commerce and events in a way that no other TISOH certificate program can. Your interest in marketing, business-to-business communications, and planning and designing special events, combined with TISOH’s hands-on practical training in project development and management will pave the way for a future in exhibitions.

Enrollment Requirement

High school diploma or High School Equivalency
No work experience necessary

Learning Formats

Three-month (12-week) semester
Meets Thursdays from 6-9:45pm

45 hours, 4.5 quarter credits, 4.5 CEU
Tuition: $1,650


Interactive online learning. Students will begin their course alongside a cohort of fellow online students who will share the learning experience through discussion forums. Study at your own pace within the schedule provided under the guidance of a dedicated online instructor. The curriculum is divided into easily navigable modules, each containing lectures, quizzes, assignments and supplemental reading materials in addition to textbook learning.

45 hours, 4.5 quarter credits, 4.5 CEU
Tuition: $1,650


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