Art of Food & Beverage Certificate

Food and Beverage Hospitality Programs

The Art of Food and Beverage certificate program takes students on a historical and cultural tour of the world’s cuisines.  Managed by members of NACE:  The National Association for Catering and Events, the program prepares students to identify, discuss, and sell food and beverages from around the globe, providing a competitive advantage in their careers and for their hospitality employers.

Key Program Topics

This certificate program features modules covering 10 cuisines. For each cuisine, students will learn: types of concepts, menu conceptualization, unique techniques, pros and cons of the cuisine, upsells and upgrades, beverage pairing, and concept proposals.

The 10 cuisines covered will include: French, Italian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Fusion, Gastro-pub, Central American, Regional American, Indian, and Spanish

Why should I take Art of Food & Beverage?

A comprehensive knowledge of world cuisines and beverage pairings is essential in today’s competitive hospitality environment, especially for conference and wedding planners, event managers, and caterers.  The Art of Food & Beverage (AFB) certificate program will help you learn to sell the food and beverage experience to your guests or clients, no matter your position within the industry.

Enrollment Requirement

High school diploma or High School Equivalency

No work experience necessary

Learning Formats



Three-month (12-week) semester, meets Monday evenings from 6-9:45pm.
45 hours, 4.5 quarter credits, 4.5 CEU
Tuition: $1,650