Obtaining Wedding Planning Certificate



Being a wedding planner is a very attractive field to many. The ability to make someone’s day, to play a part in creating the most memorable day in their lives is special. It brings a level of satisfaction and pride few jobs can match. Earning a wedding planning certificate is a time efficient way to learn the broad range of skills needed to become a successful wedding planner.


Wedding planning is a variant of event planning, albeit a very specialized one. The same overall concepts and required traits apply. These include good organization skills, strong interpersonal ability and creativity. A wedding planning certificate helps sharpen these skills and bring them together.


Wedding planning is an unregulated field. Anybody technically can hang up their own shingles and call themselves a wedding planner. It is very unfortunate that this can happen. It places the onus on the public to do their own research. As one can imagine, the cost of hiring an inept planner can be quite disastrous and truly ruin someone’s most memorable occasion of a lifetime. Education such as earning an academic credential such as a wedding planning certificate can therefore be highly beneficial. 


It is for this reason that wedding planners and would be planners have a fiduciary duty to the public to be well educated in the field with a wedding planning certificate. Unfortunately, this is fraught with dangers as well due to the same unregulated nature of the industry. A Google search for wedding planning certificate or course would yield dozens of “associations” offering certifications in wedding planning to those who take a simple online course and pay a few hundred dollars. For those seeking an easy way, this is a gift sent from the heavens!


As in anything in life, what one does not work for is not worth having. Those who succumb and take such “certifications” find that they teach too little, provide no mentorship from established planners and leave them with a certification someone made up without any credence and credibility.


Education is crucial in wedding planning. There are many pitfalls and many little details that one must be cognizant of. Without education such as a wedding planning certificate, learning via experience is possible but it will take a long time and will cause many bumps along the road that can seriously destroy one’s reputation along the way.


When choosing education in wedding planning. Find out if you are choosing an accredited school that offers a wedding planning certificate. If you pick a company or association that offers a “certification” and not an accredited school, there is no assurance of quality or reputation.


Find out who developed the program and who teaches the wedding planning certificate programs. Do they have documented experience, industry reputation (such as serving on association boards), or do they glance over the information and provide no specifics?


How do you learn? Via projects that are actually evaluated and graded? Or just with a multiple choice test? Remember that this is a very hands-on field. It is not taught directly from the books!


Is there an externship opportunity? If not, why not? How are you supposed to see how weddings actually are put together?


Do not let all this deter you from pursuing your dreams. Just like buying a car, do your research. Ask critical questions. Earning a wedding planning certificate can help you achieve your dreams.