Hotel Courses



The International School of Hospitality was founded by a group of like-minded industry and academic professionals who recognized a pressing need to offer short term, continuing education hotel courses.


To provide career-focused training hotel courses in the form of flexible, short term certificate programs developed and taught by top industry professionals. TISOH hotel courses differ from traditional university degree-oriented pedagogical approaches in that they are more current, practical, dynamic and accessible. Our dedicated instructors teaching in the hotel courses actively serve the industry, and are trained and motivated to share those valuable intangibles with students that only many years of professional experience can attain.


TISOH hotel courses are task-oriented and career specific, employing a proven combination of site-visits, real-world projects and hands-on instruction that go way beyond classroom lectures. Culminating in an internship, our Las Vegas hotel courses can help students launch or further their careers straight away. Upon program completion, the TISOH experience continues as students enjoy opportunities to network and rekindle relationships at exclusive alumni mixers.


Most of all, when students enroll in hotel courses at TISOH, they become a part of a community of professionals and educators who all share a unique bond embodied by our school logo, that of a globe encompassed in the outward frame of a pineapple. Why a pineapple? Because the pineapple has a long heritage as a symbol of welcome, friendship, conviviality and hospitality, which are exactly the qualities that our school exemplifies globally.


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