Event Planning Course a Personal Reflection



It is crunch time as we enter the tail end of the summer session and begin to prepare for the fall. I am reminded of 9 years ago when the journey of TISOH first started. I would often come across professors and former colleagues who would consistently discuss the need for hands-on education in the form of an event planning course or wedding coordination course. The demand for event planner courses soared as Las Vegas became a major destination to host events and weddings.


As the school gained momentum, I knew that many dreams were fulfilled. To see so many successful event planners from TISOH’s event planning courses knowing that they started at TISOH is exactly what inspires me. One of the greatest joys is to see new students walk in and transform themselves into actual event planners within five to twelve weeks via an event planning course. Watching them on stage holding their event planning certificate is a true joy. Whether a student chooses to be an event planner via an event planning course, wedding coordinator, hotel manager, or hospitality professional, it gives me great pleasure to be involved in the evolution of their careers.


I also recognize that projects and coursework in an event planning course is very detailed and refined. It is this attention to detail that I believe produces some of the most dedicated planners and professionals in the industry. The degree in which the students dedicate themselves is perhaps one of the greatest sights to observe. Some may say that I am a director of a school or education facility. I like to say that I am a director of creating educational experiences that will be an everlasting memory in the lives of our future event planners, wedding coordinators and hospitality professionals.