Event Planning Certificate

Event Planner Certifications To Start Your Career Off Right


There is evidence that this field continues to grow with a number of recent articles naming meeting and event planning as a most desirable, fastest growing occupation. For us at The International School of Hospitality (TISOH), an accredited continuing education school focusing on hospitality, the growth rate in event planning certificate courses approached 30% per year over the last few years.


Event Planner Courses At The International School of Hospitality


TISOH event planning certificate courses emphasize connections and networking for career placement and advancement. This needs to start early and not just beginning at the end of a student’s academic career. Those that are successful with an event planning certificate are those that are outgoing, emphasize networking and have strong communication skills. That is half the battle won already.


Training And Programs For Earning Your Event Planning Certification


Academically, we update our event planning certificate curriculum every semester. There is no alternative as the industry grows and changes so rapidly. Hospitality education is all about being practical and current. At our school, we heavily involve industry professionals in instruction for our event planning certificate courses. They bring a knowledge that is exciting and essential. We prepare our event planning certificate graduates by emphasizing flexibility. Many individuals dream of this career and have specific notions on what they will be doing. Most are overly glamorized and not realistic. As educators, we must temper their enthusiasm and ensure they are entering the field with appropriate expectations and the knowledge that this field entails long hours and hard work. Not to mention a “roll up your sleeves”, “let’s get it done” attitude. Internships and externships really help drive the point home.