Concierge Training



The Art of Concierge (AOC) is a comprehensive Concierge trainingprogram developed and taught by Les Clefs d’Or concierge professionals. Considered the ultimate Concierge training program, the curriculum will provide a valuable credential for career transitioners seeking a front-of-the-house positions in the highest end properties. The Art of Concierge (AOC) is the only Concierge training program of its kind sponsored by Les Clefs d’Or USA, the exclusive “Gold Keys” international Concierge association that collectively sets the highest standards for the industry. With this level and scope of endorsement and industry recognition, graduates can rest assured that theConcierge training credential they have earned at TISOH will carry tremendous credibility and weight.




Over the years, the concierge profession has expanded widely. Consequently, our excellent curriculum includes Concierge training for professions in not just hotels, but luxury condominium properties, corporate hospitality, VIP service industry, and personal concierge services as well. Going beyond the core curriculum (of Concierge training) is another hallmark of a TISOH program. As many of our students are career transitioners and career starters, the Concierge training program includes professional career development and networking opportunities. The school firmly believes in the value of networking and building a contact base of industry peers for support, camaraderie, and continuing education. Getting to know one’s peers in the profession will help ensure long-term professional success. For example, if an alum finds themselves in between jobs at some point in the future, they can draw on these invaluable contact resources




One of the intangible benefits of experiencing our Concierge training course, whether in class or online, is the opportunity to build professional confidence in a safe environment. Students draw strength from lessons learned, and reinvent themselves in the impressive profile of a professional Concierge, often considered the embodiment of high-end guest service. Teaching the importance of teamwork is also one of the critical cornerstones of a Concierge training program. Concierge students must learn to appreciate the importance of being solid team players. Each team member can provide a different perspective, or a unique skill such as a second language. A single concierge, no matter how knowledgeable, will not compare as favorably to a team of Concierge working side by side. The team culture concept is not only applicable to Concierge training but applicable to every aspect of hospitality education.