Concierge Course



Graduates of our Art of Concierge course thrive on their passion for serving guests. Concierge enjoy direct interaction with guests, and relish the challenge of finding that sold out ticket, or making that impossible reservation. TISOH’s Concierge course curriculum involves ensuring students understand the importance of making their guests feel special. Concierge are the masters of taking that extra step, and seeing to seemingly insignificant details. Together, these personal touches can make the biggest difference to the overall guest experience. Our Concierge course is about ensuring future Concierge always give the extra effort to help guests make the most of their visit to their property, whether it is for business or pleasure. In today’s busy economy, business travelers and vacationers often have less time for leisure. This fact makes the role of the Concierge ever more important. For it is the Concierge’ task to make their guest’s visit the most enjoyable possible, regardless of duration. In our Concierge course, TISOH instructors will show students the many ways Concierge are able to wield their magic wands. In this highly connected internet age, some have posited that the Concierge role may be diminished by the prevalence of travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. TISOH’sConcierge course teaches that the magic of Concierge is their training and know-how that centers on timely and accurate local expertise. For example, if a guest booked a romantic dinner for two on their own, they may not know that there is construction happening next door that can noisily ruin their evening. The Concierge makes it their business to know such minutia and details so that their guests can enjoy the assurance of a perfect evening. In the Art of Concierge course, students will learn the in depth tools of the trade to become genuine service magicians themselves.




It has been said that the Concierge profession is the pinnacle of guest relations and customer service. The best Concierge course teaches future Concierge to represent their property at the highest level, exemplifying professionalism, courtesy, hospitality, expertise, ethics, and etiquette. Many of our Concierge course alums have discovered that these skills are actually tremendously applicable in all walks of their professional and private lives. There is a saying for hoteliers where “a satisfied guest is a return guest”. So it is up to the Concierge to provide the standard of amenity service so as to elevate themselves from the competition.




A TISOH Concierge course features a 15 hour externship at a major Las Vegas Strip hotel property. Online students have the option of coming to Las Vegas to experience their externship in our exciting city. They can also choose to do an externship in their own city. The externship experience will allow students from the Concierge course to shadow real Concierge professionals in the workplace, and to peek behind-the-scenes to learn what the career is really like. Full industry immersion is the best type of orientation for students in our Concierge course. Often times, students also benefit from seeing themselves in their new career environment. It is an important element of learning that will help them build professional confidence and maturity that can take them the rest of the way.